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Who We Are – Medilux Healthcare Ltd

Medilux Healthcare Ltd or MHL was a British registered company created by its founding directors, Phillip Stacey (Managing Director) and Steven Warren (Chairman and Technical Director) in 2005.  From small beginnings we now have over 47 websites in 30 countries which span the Far East, Americas, Europe and former Eastern Block countries.

Our role is to enable both patients, their families, doctors and healthcare providers to access reliable unbiased and detailed information about new medical treatments in different countries.  We are not a medical tourism company in the modern sense of the word so let me explain how we operate.

We began working with a Cyberknife Sterotactic Radiosurgery (CK)  in 2006 as a result of a chance meeting with a centre director here in Europe.  It soon became clear that patients in certain countries where CK wasn’t available would be denied such life saving treatment.  We soon put in place an internet based referral system to help patients and their families to apply for treatment in a way that the doctors running the centre could process the correct information they required simply and easily.  Next came our role in helping the patients to arrange to visit the centre and explain how treatment operated and what they could expect on their arrival.

Five years later we now have a number of centres geographically positioned around the world offering specialist CK treatment in each centres chosen field of expertise.  From small acorns grow…… well did MHL grow and rapidly to the extent where we currently represent scanning and dialysis centres; specialist hospitals and clinic  throughout the world and it is not based on price but rather expertise and new innovative treatment.

We have many websites in each specific medical sector but two main websites are designed for patients and their families with the second website for doctors, healthcare practitioners, journalists and the media

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